Impressive Port Macquarie Apartments

This extraordinary Apartment design in Port Macquarie, was developed to demonstrate a feasible alternative to the existing Development Approved Design for the site. The existing Approval included a scheme for 17 oversized apartments with two lift cores, and large lobbies. This new Architect designed apartment building was developed with 40 small and stylish apartments. The clever new design, still works within the same building envelope, uses only a single lift core and a single fire-stair. This is the result of very efficient planning.

Port Macquarie Apartment Building, 3D view
Artists Impression of Port Macquarie Apartment Building Design.

By increasing the density, these small apartments can be designed to be affordable, stylish and environmentally sustainable. There is a mix of 2 & 1 bed apartments and studios, however the studios have been designed adjacent to the 2 bedroom apartments and can be used as a novel dual key arrangement, making a flexible-use 3 bedroom apartment. The penthouse level offers opportunities for stunning, oversized 3 bedroom apartments of with more space, light and a higher quality of finishes and European appliances.

Photo Montage of Apartment Building in streetscape.

The lucrative development site is currently for sale at, and is located in central Port Macquarie. It is convenient to Coles, the Fruit Market, several fast food outlets, and all the services of central Gordon St & is also only a short walk from Central Port Macquarie.

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