Welcome to Dustin Leaney, Homes & Architecture.

We are currently in the process of rebranding our business. 

Please view www.innerchi.net.au/architecture

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I’m Dustin Leaney, the Principal Architect.

DLHA started with one over-riding goal in mind – LIFESTYLE.

Our intention is to support you in creating a life filled with more happiness and enjoyment.

We achieve this goal through a holistic approach to design in homes and architecture.

Buildings have an incredible impact on the lives we lead, and the better suited a building is to our lifestyle, the more easily we are able to find happiness and enjoyment in our lives.  Using all the tools, training and experience I have, I tailor homes and buildings to your specific lifestyle needs.

In this site you will find,

Project Pages, where you can see what other people have/are creating for their lifestyle.

Services Pages, to see how I can help you to create a lifestyle you have only dreamed of.

Article Pages, where I write about Lifestyle – Body, Mind and Spirit, and how Architecture can support your life.

Contact Page.

At any time, feel free to contact me.  I am only too happy to answer any questions you have that might support creating more happiness and enjoyment in your life.

Dustin Leaney