Orsborn Residence

Designed with a view towards complete self-sufficiency in resort style living.  Developed initially from the owner builder’s own plans, the design grew into a series of interconnected cubes, placed around a central courtyard. This home embodies ease of construction and an ability to stage the construction over time. Read on to see some of the amazing features integrated into this comprehensive design.

  • House, studio, gravity feed water tower, shed and carport, all master-planned and designed to work together.
  • Minimal Japanese/Scandinavian aesthetic as requested by the owners.
  • Passive solar design maximising winter solar heating, and summer shading.
  • Insulated for minimal heat loss in winter.
  • Natural ventilation to maximise cooling in summer.
  • Naturally filtered swimming pool.  No chemicals, low maintenance.
  • Natural wetland, garden courtyard and swimming pool integrated into the design.
  • Off-grid solar power and battery storage system.
  • Rainwater collection and filtration system.
  • Grey water recycling and reuse system.
  • Integrated orchard watered by grey water overflow.

This design embodies the owner’s desires for a relaxed, minimal, rural and self-sufficient lifestyle that they could share with their family and friends, while immersed in their surrounding environment.