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Dustin Leaney, Homes & Architecture are Architectural Design Specialists on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, with projects ranging from Forster up to the Border of Queensland, with the majority of projects lying within Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Bellingen Shire Regions.

We help you to achieve the best architectural design solution (ie. home or other building) to suit :

  • Your brief
  • Your site
  • Your budget
  • The local environment
  • The local regulations

We do this by :

  • Communication & Collaboration
  • 3D Visualisation Technology
  • Clear Step By Step Process.
  • Values Based Approach

To best achieve your goals, Dustin Leaney believes that good communication is essential. The first step is to really listen to your requirements, obtaining a clear list of what you want to achieve, the level of quality you expect, and how much you want to spend. After defining the project goals we can create an itemised step by step project plan which includes a description of each stage of the project, specialist consultants required, a description of council process, timeframes and approximations of the cost of each stage of work as well as an approximation of the cost of the build, based on early descriptions. With comprehensive information provided during the early stages, quality decisions can be made to ensure the best outcomes. The project plan becomes a guide throughout the entire project, being updated and adjusted along the way ensuring everyone knows where the project is at, and what the next steps are to keep the project running smoothly.

Wallabi Point Holiday House, Kitchen Detail
Butterfly Beach House Renovation, Entry Foyer Detail

To develop your design, Dustin Leaney uses a very collaborative approach. Dustin uses his extensive experience and expertise to help draw out your creativity to create a building that will best house your lifestyle, Designed to suit your requirements, your site and the local environment. Because not everyone is an architect who can imagine what a plan looks and feels like to live in, Dustin uses the latest 3D visualisation software. By building your home in 3D this allows you to see each room, walk through your home, understand the relationships between the rooms and the environment. Either by Zoom or in-house you can provide feedback, and Dustin will update and show you the impact of your decisions, whilst at the same time explaining what is or isn’t feasible due to practicality, cost, regulation constraints, style/design considerations, etc… In this way we Co-Create a design where you are an integral part of the process and you understand all the factors that have shaped your home to best fit you and your site.

Communication and Collaboration doesn’t stop once we have a design. Throughout the entire process of preparing the documentation, working with the specialist consultants, working through the government approval processes and getting the project built, Dustin uses his communication skills to ensure everyone remains on the same page, up to date with the required information and keeping the project progressing smoothly and efficiently.

Throughout the entire project, Dustin uses his Values based approach as this maintains the best relationships with all the people involved in getting the project complete in a harmonious, cost effective and timely manner.

  • Honesty & Intergrity
  • Empathy & Compassion
  • Focus, Discipline & Motivation
  • Great Communication
  • Value for Money Decision Making.
Tallwoods Chapel of Light, Lakeside View.
Tallwoods Chapel – Jeremy Rogers Photography