Coastal Hamptons Home

Featuring, an architecturally designed home in a coastal version of New Hamptons style. Located in Port Macquarie this home exudes quality and style whilst remaining affordable.

The owner spotted a well positioned, large block. Located exactly midway between the well established hospital/medical precinct of Port Macquarie and the rapidly developing town centre of Thrumster. The site is also a large lot with a rural outlook, and a bright sunny rear yard.

Builder, Ashley Corbett of Coastal Homes initially approached Dustin Leaney. Together, they developed a cost effective design which takes maximum advantage of the site. The design also reflects the owner’s personal taste and style.

Ashley has built a quality home with lots of input from the owner. For example, the owner was very active in sourcing high quality fixtures, fittings and finishes throughout the house. As a result, this new home filled with ‘Wow’.

The home features a veranda porch at the front and an alfresco deck to the rear. It is also clad with weatherboards for a Coastal Hamptons Home look. High ceilings and large windows create a home that is light, bright and airy. Together with a carefully designed kitchen and beautiful bathrooms, this home exudes elegance.

This Coastal Hamptons Home is a new interpretation of a classic style. To find out more about New Hamptons style have a look at this overview from However, for those who like a more Modern Coastal Home, be sure to look at the Sea View Holiday House at Wallabi Point.

Gerber Holiday House

A small holiday at Wallabi Point,

The client’s brief was for a ‘Minimalist’ style of holiday home that was very cost effective.  The design takes advantage of a triangular corner block, placing the holiday home on the part of the site that achieves the best views, sun, and ventilation.  The site also contains an adjacent ‘granny flat’ rental and the garage for the holiday home.

The design features a roof terrace that has 360 degree views of the ocean and surrounding suburbs.  The holiday house is full of features, in particular is the custom hardwood and steel stair beside the 2 storey glass solar wall, allowing natural sun deep into the building keeping it warm in winter, while clever shading keeps the sun out in summer.  Picture windows take full advantage of the views on the second level.  A ‘honed’ concrete slab is an affordable option to a full polished concrete, but still obtains a smooth, hard-wearing contemporary finish for the ground floor.  A simple kitchen is designed with ceasarstone tops and cabinets from a hoop-pine ply creating the beach side feel.

Gerber-Wallabi Pt v9 Dawie's View Gerber-Bifold Half open

Rajendran Residence

This feature filled home was co-designed with the client.  The owner brought in a design he liked and described the features.  This design however, didn’t maximise either the site or the local environment.  After some tailoring, a new plan layout was created which embodied all the features the owner wanted to incorporate.


Dewdney’s Entertainment Room

When the Dewdney’s purchased their home, they discovered a large, under-utilised basement area.  Their wish-list was to have a bar area, pool room and home theatre room, connected to the upper living area via a spiral stair, but separated from the noise.  The final result is spectacular, although technically difficult to achieve, with under-pinning existing footings, achieving waterproofing, termite proofing and drainage in an exceptionally narrow space, re-piping plumbing, acoustic insulation, custom designed stairs, custom designed joinery, curved glass block walls and custom lighting design.  The results speak for themselves.

McAuliffe Residence

This extension was originally intended as a small addition of a bedroom and study for their grand-daughter. After our first meeting we co-created an extra sitting room and master bed suite, and renovated an existing bedroom into a bed/study space for the grand-daughter.
The result is a spacious new entry, a new master bedroom suite and a new sitting room with a wrap around verandah, seamlessly integrated into the original design of the home.

McAuliffe Residence
McAuliffe Residence

Mc Auliffe Sitting Room
McAuliffe Sitting Room


Feng Shui Service


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition which recognises the affect our surroundings have on our health and well-being.  Through centuries of studying and observing Nature, Feng Shui has developed many different systems of tuning our homes, workplaces and gardens, to achieve the maximum support and benefit, from our surroundings, in our lives.

At its essence, Feng Shui is an art of arranging your environment to support you in the things that you do.

Interior Alignment is a school which incorporates ‘Instinctive Feng Shui’ developed by Denise Linn, renowned author of ‘Sacred Space’ and ‘Feng Shui for the Soul’.  Interior Alignment practitioners offer the following services to help create healthy, healing environments full of joy and well-being.

Space Clearing is an intention based practice incorporating techniques from many native cultures around the world which breaks up and clears stagnant stale energy caught in our homes.  After a space clearing, homes feel fresh, new and vibrant.  There are many stories from occupants who have had a major change at work, developed a new relationship, or had a mysterious illness disappear, soon after a space clearing.

Instinctive Feng Shui teaches practitioners to develop their own instinctive sensitivity to the environment, and develops their understanding of the subtle energies that surround us every day.  Using this understanding practitioners offer suggestions on how to re-arrange your environment to neutralise negativity and to balance and harmonise your environment to best support your health and well-being.

Dustin Leaney – Certified Practitioner accredited by Denise Linn – Interior Alignment

LinnLogo2009 Feng-Shui-Med

Graphic Design Service

Dustin Leaney Homes and Architecture has a wide experience with graphic design having incorporated logos into the design package for many businesses.  Whether you are starting a new business or want to give your existing business a new look, why don’t you ask Dustin and see how he can help you.

Dustin Leaney can sponsor free logo design for some not for profit organisations each year.  Contact Dustin for enquiries.

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Orsborn Residence

Designed with a view towards complete self-sufficiency in resort style living.  Developed initially from the owner builder’s own plans, the design grew into a series of interconnected cubes, placed around a central courtyard. This home embodies ease of construction and an ability to stage the construction over time. Read on to see some of the amazing features integrated into this comprehensive design.

  • House, studio, gravity feed water tower, shed and carport, all master-planned and designed to work together.
  • Minimal Japanese/Scandinavian aesthetic as requested by the owners.
  • Passive solar design maximising winter solar heating, and summer shading.
  • Insulated for minimal heat loss in winter.
  • Natural ventilation to maximise cooling in summer.
  • Naturally filtered swimming pool.  No chemicals, low maintenance.
  • Natural wetland, garden courtyard and swimming pool integrated into the design.
  • Off-grid solar power and battery storage system.
  • Rainwater collection and filtration system.
  • Grey water recycling and reuse system.
  • Integrated orchard watered by grey water overflow.

This design embodies the owner’s desires for a relaxed, minimal, rural and self-sufficient lifestyle that they could share with their family and friends, while immersed in their surrounding environment.

Woolston Residence

This home is a shining example of how good design doesn’t have to cost more.
Master builder, Geoff Woolston, has built this home with meticulous care.  Here is a small list of the biggest features of this clever, affordable home.

  • Very well insulated passive solar design.  (ie. cool in summer, warm in winter, no air-conditioning necessary.)
  • Courtyard design floods the living area with winter sun.
  • Large eaves shade the home from summer sun.
  • Every bedroom and living room has an outlook. (rather than just facing a fence.)
  • 3m wide side access for a boat or caravan.
  • Feature porch/entry with lots of glass and light.
  • High ceilings to the living room with maximum width sliding glass doors.
  • Feature curved passage from entry to living room.
  • Compact, easy care wet areas.
  • Elegant street appeal.
  • Large double garage with extra storage space.
  • Large courtyard for outdoor entertaining.
  • Private garden space off master bedroom.
  • Large multipurpose room facing the street with its own patio.  (possibly media room, home office, guest room, etc…)


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